Thursday, February 7, 2013

So much for 32 percent Black participation in stadium construction — When will the State deposit its $50M statutory requirement?

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Editors note: Since there is no “minority percentage” out of the 32%, how will stadium officials track minority hiring? Secondly, why use the word, “minority” when there are not distinct guideline for hiring?  
by Ronald A. Edwards – The Minneapolis Story (as published in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder) for

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Minnesota’s Black History Month upstaged by President Obama’s Gun Control?

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The ghosts of Huey, Martin, Malcolm and Ida don’t approve of today’s political mess in Minneapolis. Black History Month has already be sanitized, homogenized and unrecognized in Minnesota. So why does the president do this to his black people in Black History Month? Tune in Saturday to find out…Tune in this Saturday to The Ron and Don Show – “The Presidents visit to Minneapolis: Truth and Consequences” on BlogTalkRadio.

EXCLUSIVE: Did a Minnesota construction firm build sub-standard Housing in Haiti?

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