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Conflict of Relevance: Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau and Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights Velma Korbel – Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission

Who are the seven Minneapolis Police Conduct (or Misconduct) Oversight Commissioners?” Yeah, we don’t know either.
by Donald Allen, Editor-in-Chief – The Independent Business News Network
Minneapolis, MN. – Lets get the facts out general to particular: The recent incidents involving the Minneapolis Police in Green Bay reported three weeks ago on the BlogTalkRadio program The Ron and Don Show and the recent Star Tribune article on the racial conflict in Apple Valley, which happened in November 2012 is a sign that when racial slurs about black people are made by Minneapolis police (while blacks are being beat), is overlooked, dismissed and shoved under the rug.  If sexual orientation is mentioned in a slanderous way about Chief Harteau, she and others are willing to open up a dialog with the community.
If the Minneapolis police officers in Green Bay had never mentioned Chief Harteau’s sexual orientation in a defaming manner, the incident would have never caught the attention of the chief’s office. Calling a black person a “Nigger” is just another day at the office for some Minneapolis police – no big deal....Independent Business News Network

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