Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jennifer Carnahan steps forward to challenge incumbent senator Bobby Joe “No Show” Champion

Editor’s note: Senate District 59 has been represented by an incumbent senator who believes that helping a few friends to gain access to funding is better than collectively working with the whole community.  Related stories: School board's approval of $375,000 contract for Al Flowers-related group drawing questions; Minneapolis schools seek to end contract with achievement gap group; OPEN LETTER REGARDING THE BREAKDOWN OF EDUCATION LEADERSHIP IN MINNEAPOLIS

By Radcliffe Norman – Political Analysis (at-large)

Minnesota's fifty-ninth state senate district is represented by Democratic Senator Bobby Joe Champion. Minnesota state senators represent an average of 79,163 residents. After the 2000 Census, each member represented 73,425 residents (BalllotPedia, 2016).

Today another contender has entered the race; meet Jennifer: corporate executive, business owner and today challenging the incumbent senator from north Minneapolis Bobby Joe Champion.  Jennifer joins the ever popular social media, print and door knocking DFL candidate Patwin Lawrence who has broken records in the number of community following him on his campaign Facebook page.

Jennifer and daughter. (photo: Campaign website)
Jennifer Carnahan spent 15 years climbing the corporate ladder at some of the top Fortune 500 companies, including General Mills, McDonald’s and Ecolab. Despite her success, Carnahan said, she needed more style in her life. Last year, the business executive left the security of her office job to pursue a dream of opening a clothing boutique in northeast Minneapolis. Primrose Park debuted in October, and while Carnahan, 38, has achieved her long-held goal, it hasn’t been easy. On days when the cash register hardly opens, she is reminded of her personal motto, displayed on the walls of the cozy store: “Dream Big. Be Happy” (Blanchette, Star Tribune, 2015).  (Read more about Jennifer here.)

Jennifer Carnahan, a Minnesota native, is a strong believer in the American Dream.  Adopted from South Korea in 1977, Carnahan's parents - John and Cindra - taught her if she could dream it, she could live it.  And since she was a young girl, Jennifer has been chasing her dreams. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Minnesota: SD 59 candidate Patwin Lawrence challenges incumbent to Community Forum

Editor's note: At this posting, senate district incumbent Senator Bobby Joe Champion as refused to contact groups attempting to set up a community forum with the SD 59 candidates. Patwin Lawrence is prepared go public with what could be some serious concerns about  Senator Champion's tenure in the Minnesota Senate.

Senate district 59 candidate Patwin Lawrence
(photo: Patwin Lawrence Facebook page - Fair Use)
Minneapolis, Minn. – Sen. Champion has denied his constituency an opportunity to participate in the political process in the upcoming August 9th primary. Patwin Lawrence who is challenging Sen. Champion in the August primary requested several times this week to have a debate/candidate forum with the incumbent.

On last Wednesday, SD59 Chair Jeff Strand, in an email communication with Mr. Lawrence, declined the idea of a debate/candidate forum. Lawrence gave Champion till 5pm on Friday, July 22 to make a decision whether he would support or deny his constituents the opportunity to have a debate/forum.

This type of behavior is not surprising, but typical of Sen. Champion. In May, Sen. Champion agreed to have a community meeting with North Minneapolis constituents questioning the $35 million appropriated to various non-profits in the recent legislative session. The meeting has not been scheduled.

An important piece of Lawrence’s platform is if he is elected to the state senate, he will have town hall meetings around the district before each legislative session to collate constituency ideas and craft a community driven legislative agenda to take to St. Paul. He would also regularly meet with constituency, especially at their request.

For more on Patwin Lawrence’s campaign platform/ideas, visit

About Patwin Lawrence:

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