Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jermaine Alexander: Complaint of Northwest Metro Drug Task Force Minnesota

What is wrong with Justice in Minnesota?
 I am writing this letter to make a major complaint on the Northwest Metro Drug Task force here in Minnesota. I have carbon copied this letter/complaint locally and nationally to several agencies hoping that it is forwarded to the proper authorities, therefore I humbly ask that if you are not the person or agency that have interest in this type of complaint please submit this to the proper person/agency. 

by Jermaine Alexander (Unedited)

            I was falsely arrested by the Northwest Metro Drug Task Force September 10, 2010 in the city of Plymouth Minnesota at the behest and direction of Jonathon Hunt the supervisor of the team and also he is a Sergeant at the Plymouth Minnesota Police Department. Sergeant Hunt violated several of my constitutional rights in arresting me as well as violated the guidelines set forth in the Multijurisdictional Task Force Operating Procedures and Guidelines Manual.(MTFOPGM herein after)  We have proof that Sergeant Hunt has perjured himself tampered with the evidence and also severely exaggerated probable cause to execute a search warrant, and exaggerated probable cause to arrest me. He used racial Profiling to conduct an investigation which is prohibited by .(MTFOPGM).

False Arrest

        Although my name wasn’t on the search warrant to be searched or ceased, nor was my name on the lease of the place where the search warrant was being executed I was arrested by Joe Gebhart and Officer Buske, who both testified that Sergeant Hunt directed them to arrest me.

False Report

During an interview Officer Hunt Continued to question me regarding the Keys to the premises where the search warrant was executed, thus I told him “I didn’t have the keys nor was I coming from the target apartment” Hunt  wrote in his report and in a second affidavit that I had the “Keys to the Security door of 6120 Quinwood Lane and the keys to the Apartment 2310 on my person”  We believe he intentionally falsified that statement knowing that the apartment door locks from the outside with a Key only, thus if someone was to lock the door they would have to have a key. Hunt took no Key into custody, no keys are on any property sheet nor on the inventory sheet. Two officers testified that they searched me and didn’t find keys to the apartment on my person and know one wrote a report of finding keys. Officer Buske testified that he had custody of me from the time I was pulled over until taken me to the station but he found no keys. Hunts false statement contributed to My DNA being taken as well as my being arrested and charged.

Hunt further stated in his report that there was a Comcast bill with the name of Jermaine Alexander that was taken into custody. However there is no Comcast bill with my name rather the Comcast bill has the name of the lease holder, however that false statement of a utility bill implies residency which could imply joint possession, constructive possession and dominion over an apartment, as the same false statement regarding the keys.

Hunt also wrote in his complaint and in his incident report that “it should be noted that the mail in Alexander’s name was located on top of the refrigerator next to where the crack cocaine was located” Nonetheless the drug task force submitted pictures to us that was allegedly taken right before the raid, and clear shots on top of the fridge but there was no mail on top of the refrigerator from looking at several pictures that they provided to the defense


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Real Minneapolis Mayor's Race Review 04/13 by Black Politics in Minneapolis | Blog Talk Radio

The Real Minneapolis Mayor's Race Review 04/13 by Black Politics in Minneapolis | Blog Talk Radio
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