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Jermaine Alexander: Complaint of Northwest Metro Drug Task Force Minnesota

What is wrong with Justice in Minnesota?
 I am writing this letter to make a major complaint on the Northwest Metro Drug Task force here in Minnesota. I have carbon copied this letter/complaint locally and nationally to several agencies hoping that it is forwarded to the proper authorities, therefore I humbly ask that if you are not the person or agency that have interest in this type of complaint please submit this to the proper person/agency. 

by Jermaine Alexander (Unedited)

            I was falsely arrested by the Northwest Metro Drug Task Force September 10, 2010 in the city of Plymouth Minnesota at the behest and direction of Jonathon Hunt the supervisor of the team and also he is a Sergeant at the Plymouth Minnesota Police Department. Sergeant Hunt violated several of my constitutional rights in arresting me as well as violated the guidelines set forth in the Multijurisdictional Task Force Operating Procedures and Guidelines Manual.(MTFOPGM herein after)  We have proof that Sergeant Hunt has perjured himself tampered with the evidence and also severely exaggerated probable cause to execute a search warrant, and exaggerated probable cause to arrest me. He used racial Profiling to conduct an investigation which is prohibited by .(MTFOPGM).

False Arrest

        Although my name wasn’t on the search warrant to be searched or ceased, nor was my name on the lease of the place where the search warrant was being executed I was arrested by Joe Gebhart and Officer Buske, who both testified that Sergeant Hunt directed them to arrest me.

False Report

During an interview Officer Hunt Continued to question me regarding the Keys to the premises where the search warrant was executed, thus I told him “I didn’t have the keys nor was I coming from the target apartment” Hunt  wrote in his report and in a second affidavit that I had the “Keys to the Security door of 6120 Quinwood Lane and the keys to the Apartment 2310 on my person”  We believe he intentionally falsified that statement knowing that the apartment door locks from the outside with a Key only, thus if someone was to lock the door they would have to have a key. Hunt took no Key into custody, no keys are on any property sheet nor on the inventory sheet. Two officers testified that they searched me and didn’t find keys to the apartment on my person and know one wrote a report of finding keys. Officer Buske testified that he had custody of me from the time I was pulled over until taken me to the station but he found no keys. Hunts false statement contributed to My DNA being taken as well as my being arrested and charged.

Hunt further stated in his report that there was a Comcast bill with the name of Jermaine Alexander that was taken into custody. However there is no Comcast bill with my name rather the Comcast bill has the name of the lease holder, however that false statement of a utility bill implies residency which could imply joint possession, constructive possession and dominion over an apartment, as the same false statement regarding the keys.

Hunt also wrote in his complaint and in his incident report that “it should be noted that the mail in Alexander’s name was located on top of the refrigerator next to where the crack cocaine was located” Nonetheless the drug task force submitted pictures to us that was allegedly taken right before the raid, and clear shots on top of the fridge but there was no mail on top of the refrigerator from looking at several pictures that they provided to the defense


Hunt has testified on the stand (also in affidavit for the search of the premises)  that  prior to drafting a search warrant that he went to management of the apartment complex and that management Confirmed short term traffic and confirmed that I Jermaine Alexander Lived in the apartment. Although he testified that he doesn’t remember who he talked and, that he never wrote any investigative report took no notes, we do have statements from the management clearly saying that after the raid is when Hunt told management that I was the one who told Hunt I live in the apartment. Hunt testified that prior to the search warrant he didn’t know whose name was on the lease of the apartment, yet when Hunt interviewed me he says that he had already checked on the people whose name was on the lease, and that my name is the only one not on the lease. That perjury can be found in the transcripts of Rasmussen hearing, and compared to the Doctored up scales CD. This perjury has contributed to the judge finding probable cause to charge with 2nd degree possession of controlled substance crime, and 1st degree sales of controlled substance.
Evidence Tampering

After I was arrested I agreed to talk to officer Hunt, thus the interview was recorded pursuant to Minnesota v. Scales.  In that interview Hunt continued to question me about the keys to the apartment and where were they, and I continued to explain to him that I have several friends in that building and that I was coming from that friends house, I gave him the name and apartment number of the friend so that he might go verify what I was saying. I also showed him a six hundred dollar money order with rent on it addressed to the same address listed on my state issued ID. We talked about that money order and he took that into custody too, alone with the receipt of the money order. However that money order or receipt have never surfaced, it wasn’t  on any evidence/property sheet inventory sheet etc….Moreover, We have sent the copy of the recording of the scales interview to an audio forensic lab who are submitting an affidavit and video transcript swearing that the recording has been redacted, edited from its original form, and that based on the floor sounds, splices and cuts in the recording that there is no way in his opinion that the interview lasted a mere 12 minutes as the copy that was sent to us reflects. Furthermore, the forensic expert’s affidavit further states that based on his professional opinion and listing to the floor sounds, examining and again the splices in the recording that Sergeant Hunt had to go into the recording and insert the interview’s ending time as the ending-time he did enter is not consistent with splicing of the recording and that the presentation he will offer will specifically demonstrate the inserted ending time of the interview.

Hunt also testified that he don’t know which drugs he tested, what date he tested the drugs, and stated that he never wrote a report of testing drugs but he do remember either testing the drugs that was found on the 10th or the 17th . His inability and failure to document something as serious as testing the drugs, thus inventorying the drugs, has compromised the evidence and has hindered me from having a fair trial. The chain of custody is gone. .MTFOPGM 3-14.1 “ The investigator shall maintain proper documentation, chain of custody storage and safe keeping……”


The above stated taskforce have violated several rules of my constitutional rights and the rules pursuant to .MTFOPGM as there are no reports from the task force except that of Sergeant Hunt.  MTFOPGM 3-04 states in a pertinent part, “ Establish a documented record of the entire warrant execution process”. Thus members of the Task force will have to recollect from a three year old incident. We have requested the briefings of the day of the raid, pursuant to policy number 3-05 and all reports of the raid, and all other logs. They have told us and the courts that the task force has no reports or logs. The failure of the task force to write reports, keep notes or logs, has destroyed the timeline, thereby stripping me of my constitutional right to confront my accuser. The absent reports allow officers to make up things as they testify. MTFOPGM 3-04.7 reads “the case investigator shall develop a prioritized search strategy to ensure evidence is not overlooked and ensure timelines.”It is believed that Bob Topp of the K-9 unit has falsified doing a dog sniff of the building which ultimately led to obtaining a search warrant as at this point it can’t be verified that he conducted a k-9 sniff except which is suspect, for his report as we have asked for the AVL(automotive vehicle locator, Cad printout (Computer automotive dispatch), any captains logs sergeant logs and or any other verification of the dog sniff which none have been submitted to us. Rather what we do have is emails stating that the day of the Dog sniff Robert Topp was in training all day. The report that was provided to us from Topp was giving to us almost two years after the incident. I ask all who have the ability to check the meta data for that report and it will show that his report was dictated during the time he provided it to us. MTFOPGM  3-07.6  Please view the attached exhibits. Moreover Topp’s failure to communicate to his chain of command is against the rules policies of the RISSafe Officer Safety Event Deconfliciction System.

·      Affidavit from Creative forensics
·      Topps CAD from day of Dog sniff
·      Affidavit for search warrant
·      Affidavit for search warrant for DNA
·      Scales CD provided to us by Plymouth police department (tampered with)
·      Hunts incident report from the day of the raid
·      Paul Johnson’s report   (chain of custody and evidence inventory)
·      Officer Sigfrinues’s report
·       Pages from transcript of cross exam of Sergeant  Hunt.

Please don’t pass over these truths lightly as the proof and evidence is here. The Justice system is not here to only prosecute those who the Officers deem necessary to prosecute; rather the system is here to even exclude the innocent. However when you have roguish police officers and Task force the justice system is crippled and often times -innocent people are incarcerated while the guilty is scot free. If any of you doubt the affidavit of the audio forensic expert, I challenge all of you who have the means to have it checked for authenticy please do so and you will find the same results. Trial in this case is April 22nd 2013, members of the media, I ask that you all please attend trial. 


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