Friday, April 22, 2011

President Obama to Dr. Childs: We need to get Information to the Community

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North Minneapolis businessman Dr. Timothy Childs has just returned from a trip to Washington, DC that included a dinner for him and his wife with President Obama. (Read more here)

Dr. Childs told IBNN NEWS in an exclusive interview that President Obama and his staff want to make sure that the broader community is receiving valuable information about programs in education, economic development ad health care.

Dr. Childs told IBNN NEWS, “This was an eye-opening experience. The president is truly concerned about things like the achievement gap. He has given me a mission to address disparities and report back on our progress.”

Dr. Childs is a  north Minneapolis businessman who operates a technology firm and a education foundation that assists inner city kids reach their goals and potential. The TCL Education Foundations president Ms. Yolanda Friday is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Dr. Childs will be joining co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 4 p.m. to talk about his trip to Washington, DC and what means to the community in the Twin Cities.

"Tune in Saturday at 4 p.m. - it's no laughing matter..."

Also on Saturday’s show, we will look at the recent hiring trend that have excluded Black youth in favor of adults from the Hispanic-Latino community.

Join co-host Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen on Saturday,  as we bust down the color barrier and explained what happened in White America that turned a simple after school job into a competitive position for Hispanic-Latino adult workers.

First of all, IBNN NEWS and it’s affiliates admire, respect and support Minnesota’s Hispanic-Latino population.

Saturday ON POINT! we will discuss what happen to areas like Lake Street, Broadway Avenue, University Avenue (St. Paul) as it relations to the influx of Hispanic-Latino workers and why in 2011 it’s hard to find a Black youth with a full time summer job at a fast food restaurant.

The trick of White supremacy in the 21st century is to create a Black-Brown conflict and get us to blame each other.

We will also discuss the Minneapolis Public Schools; the Northwest Area Foundation; The City, Inc and other local current events.

To tune in on Saturday at 4 p.m. (CST), click here or go to

This is a LIVE 90-minute call-in program. We welcome callers to join the conversation at 877-572-4288.

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