Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The perpetual funding for Job Training of the Poor and Under-Served must stop. The focus on job creation has been abandoned

“If one more dollar goes to training and businesses are bypassed that can create opportunities then the best social services program is just being “social.”
Editor’s note: As part of IBNN’s Real Citizen Journalism Project (RCJ), we continue to post relevant stories on topics concerning Minnesotans and the reason why the great state of the Loon and Lakes is light years behind in education, contract compliance, affirmative action and civil rights. This morning on Facebook Questions, I asked the following question: “Do you think the continued training of the poor and under-served community members is relevant when there are no jobs?” I received a lot of answers, and continue to get feedback. I would like to share this response with the readers of IBNN NEWS. 

By Alan L. Maki, Guest Contributor IBNN NEWS Real Citizen Journalism Project

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/RCJ/June 7, 2011)…In my opinion it is mean and cruel to train people for jobs that don’t exist. What is terrible is many of the training programs exist just so the over-paid administrators can feed at the public trough.

A lot of the problem can be solved through the enforcement of Affirmative Action which requires training for specific jobs public funds will be spent on to create.

Here in Minnesota Democrats and Republicans have been colluding for years running schemes and scams to evade and prevent the enforcement and enactment of Affirmative Action.

Obama shoved hundreds of millions of dollars into Minnesota through the American Recovery and Re-investment Act and then he allowed Minnesota politicians to allocate these funds to townships, counties and cities that don’t even have Affirmative Action requirements.

In all of Minnesota I bet there aren’t more than 6 townships, counties or cities that implement and enforce Affirmative Action and if you go on the job sites you can tell just by looking at the faces no Affirmative Action is being enforced— looking at the people standing in the food-shelf lines this is another matter.

With all the attorneys and politicians running around Minnesota talking about “human rights” and what a great “liberal” guy Hubert Humphrey was. here in Minnesota there isn’t a single attorney who will stand up and challenge this racism nor is there one single politician in the Minnesota State Legislature who will stand up and insist that any tax-payer funds spent on public works projects must include the enforcement of Affirmative Action.

Mark Dayton appointed an outright opponent of Affirmative Action, Mark Phillips, to head up the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. Mark Phillips worked for the number one offending employer in Minnesota for failing to enforce Affirmative Action: Kraus-Anderson.

Unless Affirmative Action is going to be stringently and stridently enforced there is no point in training people of color for any jobs because anyone can see the opportunity to get a job once trained is just not there. It’s called: racism.

It is racist to train someone to do a job knowing the people who are going to be trained will not get the job because of the color of their skin.

No one knows better than DEED Commissioner Mark Phillips whose department oversees millions of dollars in training funds that the people of color being trained are never going to get a job because while working for Kraus-Anderson it was his job to enforce racist employment policies designed to deprive people of color from getting jobs they were trained to do.

Dollars should be allocated to implement and enforce Affirmative Action.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights whose job it is to enforce Affirmative Action is one sick racist joke that operates under the theory of “benign neglect.”

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