Thursday, September 8, 2011

Call the Minneapolis Foundation: Ask where's the tornado victims money?

Where are the reports from the NCRT?
Call the Minneapolis Foundation and ask what's happening with the Northside Community Response Team and where is the money? No reports issued from the NCRT core group; obstruction of individuals to participate in the process.
Starting today, dial (612) 672-3878 and ask for an explanation on how come not one victim or agency involved in the tornado relief have not received one penny. Also ask to see the reports generated by the Northside Tornado Response Team to show who did get money and why?

Join me also in contacting donors:

Best Buy Corporation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of
Minnesota Foundation
CenturyTel, Inc.
Cummins Foundation
George Family Foundation
The Grotto Foundation
James R. Thorpe Foundation
Lunds and Byerly's
North Star Fund
Park Nicollet Foundation
Pohlad Family Foundation
The Saint Paul Foundation
TCF Foundation
US Bank - Private Client & Trust Services

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