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22 year-old UMD student wins Duluth branch NAACP presidency. Ousted president refuses to step down

22 year-old UMD student wins Duluth branch NAACP presidency. Ousted president refuses to step down

Duluth, Minn. NAACP president elect
Classie Dudley
OurBlackNews Network has been following the corrupt exploits of the NAACP in the matter of a newly elected president who has not been able to serve because of the antiquated people in the shadows of the old NAACP.

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

Duluth, Minn. – In breaking news, the Duluth, Minn. branch of the NAACP has elected a new president for its branch of the NAACP. University of Minnesota Duluth senior and community activist Classie Dudley easily defeated Claudie Washington in a landslide vote.

Dudley fought back tears when the election results were announced.

Harrison Dudley – the father of the new Duluth NAACP president elect said, “It’s a sign of the times. The young people are seeing the need for solid new, young leadership in the NAACP. With today’s social media, we (members of flagship organizations) must be able use the new technology to reach the masses on behalf of the black community – the young and the old. I am proud of her.”

The celebration for the UMD senior Classie Dudley was cut short when NAACP operatives in Minnesota decided to pull out their bags of dirty tricks.

Ousted president Mr. Claudie Washington, a long-time resident of Duluth t was asked to resign in a 2014 Duluth NAACP meeting. Current members took a vote that showed 18-branch members in favor of the resignation of Washington out of 21 current branch members. The Duluth NAACP secretary told members, “There has not been an election for president in over 15-years.”

This statement alone shows the malfeasance of adherence to the NAACP unit bylaws. Also, local candidates complained that Washington would not share current membership lists per election bylaw procedures.

Subsequently, members who voted for Dudley were surreptitiously disqualified based on membership status, which is an old trick by the NAACP. Dudley was not recognized as president the director of branches for the national NAACP in Baltimore, MD Rev. Gil Ford did not return emails or phone calls to IBNN NEWS.

Mr. Ronald A. Edwards, one of the few black Americans “expelled” from the NAACP for life tells IBNN, “This is an old game they play – like the one that’s being played out in the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP. Life long power brokers rather go down with the ship than to let new and organized people become leaders. This only happens in our community.”

IBNN NEWS is asking its readers to support Ms. Dudley as the new president and will launch a social media and telephone campaign for concerned citizens to call the national NAACP and request a public hearing in this matter.

Stay tuned.

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